About - Dene' Miles

A Little Background

As a native to Washington state, I developed a passion for nature at a young age. I grew up spending weekends at my grandparents A frame cabin in the Cascade mountains or at the beach on a little island outside Seattle called Vashon. My childhood years also included many trips to Mount Rainier and Olympic National Park.

On my first trip to South America, I decided to invest in a digital camera and I've been hooked ever since. My photo journey began by photographing weddings, small events and nature adventures and has evolved from there. I have worked with local companies in Washington state creating tourism content used for marketing and promotional purposes. Though I am based in Seattle, I am determined to step foot on the remaining three continents I have yet to meet in the next few years.

With so many people taking photos these days, it's often more challenging to create a compelling image.  My goal has always been to tell a story with an image. The hope is to convey that same feeling with that image that I felt experiencing that moment in person. A window to the soul of sorts. I am based in Seattle and would love to work with you. Please drop me a line to say hi.


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